Settling In

The Process

You and your child are about to embark on a wonderful journey into kindergarten life. Although this is a very exciting time in your life, you may be having mixed feelings about the experience and the big changes ahead. Remember, you are not alone! Many parents feel this way at the beginning of their child’s kindergarten life and building positive relationships with the educational team at your kindergarten will make the process much easier.

A good settling in process acknowledges the child’s emotions and needs, builds trust between the child, carer and educator and ends with the child feeling safe in the new environment. A good relationship between the child and educator is the basis for all educational processes in the kindergarten and as such, the aim of settling in is for children to establish this type of sustainable relationship. A child can only demonstrate explorative behaviour if they feel safe and secure (Graf & Seide, 2019).

This chapter is dedicated to the settling in process and will establish all the necessary components to make this experience as smooth as possible for your family. By reading through this material you will become familiar with different possibilities of how your chosen kindergarten may support your child in the settling in process, and you will also find many tips on how you can support your child through this stage. Additionally, two sets of questions have been designed to help you consider what is important to you before picking a kindergarten and assist you in finding a kindergarten that supports the needs of not only your child but your family as a whole.