What an incredible journey this three year research project has been. We would like to begin by thanking our founder, Ms. Yvonne Wende, for listening to our research ideas and encouraging us to apply for funding to bring this project to life.   

We’d like to thank the European Commission for approving our Erasmus+ strategic partnerships in education grant proposal and for funding our transnational research and collaboration efforts made with our European partners.   

We’d like to thank the Pädagogischer Austauschdienst, our German National Agency for the continuous support and assistance that your agency has provided to us and our transnational research partners. 

We’d like to thank The International Childcare and Education Centre in Helsinki (Kilo), Finland, the Pikler Haz Institute in Budapest, Hungary and the Universidad Camilo Jose Cela in Madrid, Spain for partnering with us for various aspects of this research journey. From the moment that our project officially started with our kickoff meeting in 2017, it has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with you all.  We have learned so much by visiting your respective institutions and by the ongoing dialogue and constructive collaboration efforts that you have made as our transnational EU partners.  The final products of our collaboration will support international educators and families within our collective institutions and beyond as we continue to disseminate our project results in the years to come.   

Former Project Contributors: Judith Canning, Anikó Klinke, Isai Menendez, Sabine Lioy and Kathrin Esswein, Kathrin Schilling, Celine Latzel, Josephine Fitzner 

We would like to thank the diversity of teachers and families at Berlin Cosmopolitan School and all transitional partnering institutions for your reflective feedback and support by reviewing our preliminary handbook drafts at various stages of our research journey. 

We would like to finally thank Solveig Harloff, Ralf Noack, Randi Impson, Katrin Meier, Ariana Gonzalez, Jenny Gehrmann, Doris Gastinger, for your organisational efforts.  From preparing various accountability documentation needed to booking flights and hotel accommodations, your assistance has supported this project and means the world to us. 


Yours in Early Years Education, 

Alexander Bloom, Matthew Carlyle, Christina Domurath, Katharina Ehrenfried, Josephine Fitzner, Katherine Habben, Michael Habekost, Carolin Hermes, Julia Mariacher and Lauren Piper 

Berlin Cosmopolitan School - Erasmus+ Research Team