Educational team 

Children with special needs and capabilities

It has been proven helpful in our experience to develop a diversity sensitive open team culture, to exchange thoughts and concerns within the team, to address problems, and to discuss them together.  

In addition to this, professionals from other areas may be invited to come to the kindergarten. This also changes the dynamics in the professional team of educators. Properly understood and carried out, this means a positive change. The exchange between the professions arises; each and everyone can rethink their own position and new discussions about the educational work arise. 

The kindergarten team is supported and accompanied, advised and enabled to take on new tasks by kindergarten leadership. New people are welcomed in the kindergarten: specialist services, self-help groups, speech therapists allowing for everyone to learn and grow from the inclusion experience. 

Of course, it must not be concealed that problems also arise and when concerns become loud, demarcation becomes visible. It is important that Anahera is not cared individually from the other children, but that the whole group benefits from the care of Anahera and that she may participate in all possible activities. It is important to discuss concerns or disagreements with other professionals caring for Anahera, when the children are not around, in a calm and open environment so that understandings can be reached to better Anahera’s experience and learning.