Profile of diversity sensitive educators in the sense of inclusion  

Children with special needs and capabilities

An international kindergarten that wants to be considered inclusive might consider placing special attention on the recruitment of educators for the promotion of children with special needs and abilities. Kindergartens might want to model their inclusive international concept by employing a diverse mix of educators with international education and experience in supporting children with special needs such as Anahera. However, in order to be an inclusive program, the kindergarten will want to be sure they have the resources and abilities to do so, otherwise they risk not being the most appropriate environment for some children. 

When hiring new employees, kindergartens might want to look for a basic understanding of a democratic, appreciative, participatory, and inclusive way of working together with all stakeholders. 

Information about the process of identifying children with special needs and abilities, as well as the processes in kindergarten to apply for additional support, should be disseminated in the first few weeks through instruction. The provision of a code of conduct in the sense of inclusion should be taken on by mentors, colleagues and the management (Allen & Cowdery, 2005).