Temperament and emotions 


Emotions are important in developing socio-emotional competencies and solving problems on an interpersonal level. In some families and cultures, emotions are generally expressed differently. Children might be confused if educators show their emotions in a different way than what they are used to. Although it makes it easier for them to understand a situation, older children especially, might struggle with emotional conflicts. Educators might also find it difficult to interact with a child who shows emotions in an entirely different way, for example if they act more intensely than expected or in a manner that is barely recognizable by the educator's standards.  

Arno is struggling with many factors in his settling in and they are coming out in his emotions such as in aggression towards his educators and peers. To solve this, the educators can implement tools in the classroom such as body breaks and feelings pictures to help him express his emotions. They can show these tools to his parents to help them to work on becoming more in touch and in control his emotions at home as well. In regard to his family and the trauma they underwent, the school can find programs or can offer counselling if they have someone qualified to talk about this with them in house. The goal is for the kindergarten to become a safe place for Arno where he gains a sense of stability and autonomy, and in order to achieve this, the parents will need to find a way to communicate and work on their side to create stability as well.