Settling in phase of a child with known impairment 

Children with special needs and capabilities

The settling in phase of a child with different needs for professional love and care such as Anahera must be accompanied by diversity-sensitive approaches. At home, she has been the primary focus of attention with her parents and therapists but is now just one of many children. Often in these cases, parents like Kai and Ria are not able to communicate their worries, fears and thoughts in the language of the home country. The other parents of the group may now also be worried that their children will be left out if educators shift their attention to Anahera. It is important to keep an eye on the goal, to keep in mind the many possibilities and opportunities, and to have patience with oneself and with others. 

Society is made up of people with varying talents and interests and through supporting one another, we can allow acquire and strengthen different skills and furthermore, our community (Wertlieb, 2018). Preparing families of children with special needs as well as the other families in a class with the idea of what inclusion means, will help them to feel more supported and hopefully encourage them to be more willing to work together as a community.  

Depending on the needs of the child, the educators will need to communicate with the family to see what preparations they will need to make in the classroom. For Anahera, and any child with a diagnosis, meeting with her and her family to discuss her needs and developmental goals will help the educators and hopefully the family to feel more prepared. Talking about what she needs to settle in and coming up with a clear plan of what this could look like, while allowing flexibility, will be vital for Anahera and her family.

Confidentiality release

Medical reports, findings or other medical documents of Anahera, if they are known by the kindergarten may not be passed on to third parties without consent (declaration of secrecy) by the parents Kai and Ria and must be kept under lock and key.