Reflection with team, parent representatives, and the parent body   

The inclusion of a child like Anahera with an impairment, in addition to the language barrier as well as different home values, should be considered and carefully planned and carried out. This does not only affect parents like Kai and Ria and all thoughts of parents need to be considered. The parent representatives need to be informed before a child with a diagnosis such as Anahera's begins with the group.  

With the registration of the child in the kindergarten, the integration can begin. As the preliminary talks take a long time; educators, parents and children in the kindergarten can already be looking forward to welcoming Anahera (Allen & Cowdery, 2005). 

Parents should feel safe and secure to talk to their team of educators about all concerns regarding the development of their child. A special parent evening might be carried out to raise questions and concerns in this change of routine (Wertlieb, 2018). Kai and Ria will be welcomed into the rest of the families in the group. All parents must be allowed to contribute their experiences. It is of course important to discuss this with Kai and Ria beforehand so that they feel comfortable being introduced in this way.