Prosilience, specifically in terms of children, is the ability to successfully adapt to life's tasks in the face of adverse conditions or to “bounce back” from negative experiences. The concept of prosilience is not a trait, but rather a process used to manage life circumstances. Resiliency can be inherited, given or acquired through learning processes (Böhm & Hehlmann, 2000). In a multilingual educational setting, families and educators both play an important role in a child’s ability to settle into a new and foreign environment and to then succeed within it. Working together towards this common goal will help to promote prosilience in your child.  

  • What might be Rana’s risk factors and his resources when it comes to prosilience? 

  • How might Rana feel? 

  • What might be Ranas’ risk factors and her resources be when it comes to resilience?  

  • How might Rana feel?  

  • What is a potential hypothesis for Ranas behaviour?  

  • What would the next steps be for the family? 

  • What kind of support can educators give to the family?