Momo is a child born to a German father and a Korean mother. He seems to be able to hear well but does not speak. Momo could possibly have a mental disability which is not diagnosed. At kindergarten, Momo has troubles connecting with other people. He plays by himself, avoids other children and his teachers most of the times. Momo appears to feel uncomfortable in the new setting after starting daycare at a new kindergarten. The languages spoken at home are German and Korean. Momo speaks none of the languages yet and communicates only with sounds in rare occasions at kindergarten. His overall body language is very silent and makes it seem like he is trying to hide and not be seen. His parents have not communicated any worries about Momo to the teachers.

Age: 36 months

Home language: German and Korean

Additional language spoken: -

  • In this case of a very shy and silent child, which does not offer a lot of communication and acts very guarded - how could the educator build a relationship with the child?  

  • Which thoughts and feelings might Momo have? How could the educator find out about Momo*s thoughts and feelings when Momo does not communicate them? 

  • How could differences between the home and kindergarten might influences Momo’s behaviour and coping mechanisms? 

  • Which materials or aids could the educator use to interact with Momo and build a relationship with him? 

  • How could the educator gain Momo’s trust? 

  • What should the teacher try to avoid when interacting with Momo?