Language as a tool to build relationships 


Language is a powerful tool in building a relationship with a child. This applies even more in multilingual settings and situations like settling into a new environment, as the child relies on relationships when they do not understand the languages spoken or are going through a transition. Parents can be role models in using communication with their children to comfort them in new and unknown situations and prepare their children for an easier adjustment. By preparing your child for the transition before they start the settling-in process in kindergarten through language, as well as during and after this period of time, your child will have a better idea of what is going on, will feel more in control and secure and will be able to draw on the emotional support that they have received from you. In particular this can be entering into their experience and emotions with them, when they come home from kindergarten or in the morning before they leave for kindergarten and acknowledging the process they are going through. Using language and communication to accompany them in the process, outside of the classroom, will strengthen their confidence, calm them, empower them and acknowledge the effort it takes to adjust to a new environment. It will help the child to experience the settling-in phase as a positive experience which they have mastered.