What is prosilience?


Life is full of unexpected situations, which could unsettle adults and children alike.  Humans are wired with resilience, which is the innate ability to bounce back from negative experiences. This is one of the most important skills a person could have in order to live a balanced life and be able to move on after facing a challenging situation. 


Resilience is the force that helps us to deal with a negative experience after it happened, prosilience is the skill that helps us prepare for the next challenges before they happen (Hoopes, 2017). Prosilience is the proactive attitude a person has, which makes possible for them to strengthen their resilience.

We all want our children to be able to learn to develop their prosilience from a very early age, but the question is how can it be done? This chapter will discuss the importance of prosilience for children, how to foster it and will give practical tips you can apply in everyday life to support your child.