What does language have to do with identity? 

What is "diversity sensitive" pedagogy?

It is not only the acquisition of the second language that has a fundamental importance for the overall development of a child, but also the maintenance of the first language. The foundation of the development of a secure identity can only exist when there is harmony between one's own cultural identity and openness towards other cultures -versus cultural uprooting.  

Our language, our culture, and our identity are inextricably linked. Only when one converses with people who speak another language does it become tangible. What and how we are - as individuals, as a generation, as a group or as a nation - is decisively influenced by the way we relate to ourselves, as expressed through words. Often, one discovers differences in the usage language that one had never considered before. At the same time, it is noticeable that beyond the language, the mindset and identity of the others often differ from our own.