What are the different settling in models?

Each settling in is handled differently in each kindergarten. Across Europe, there are various methods and models for settling children into kindergarten. In Germany alone, there are different concepts that can be used for orientation. The most commonly used are the Berlin model and the Munich model. Practical experience shows that different models of settling in can work. Nevertheless, there are certain aspects which characterize a successful settling in. The researchers in this study chose to take aspects from these models as well as best practice concepts discussed throughout workshops and trainings to see what yielded best results for the children and their families.

The most important thing, no matter what model the settling in model the team uses, is that of the team communicates and comes together to discuss the details and aspects of how the settling in and year will run. Values, pedagogical beliefs and methods of working with young children are something that need to be discussed before the children and families are met. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and a smooth transition for educators will help the children feel more comfortable(Braukhane & Knobeloch, 2011).