When in a relationship such as this, it is important to be transparent on what the goals, boundaries, vision, etc. of the kindergarten and the educators are. This transparency can be ensured by sharing information and photos of the child's development, interests, friendships and activities on a frequent basis.  

Ask about experiences and if certain things differ in execution to what the family is used to, explain settling in processes, prepare parents for challenges that might occur, but encourage them to work hand in hand to create a strong partnership. 

Preparation: Research information about their country, customs, and religion. Seek help from colleagues and leadership in case they have worked with the same or similar cultural family backgrounds before. 

The educator needs to ask the family some important questions in an informal way. This is not an interview, rather, it is a time to get to know the parents and to begin to form a positive relationship with them. The educator will also need to answer questions about themselves.

Parents may feel more comfortable answering questions about themselves and leaving their child in the educators` care when they know more about them:
- What are the routines at home?
- What are their work routines?
- Do they live in close proximity to the kindergarten or do they need to travel?
- When did they move to the area, city, village, country?
- What previous settings (kindergartens, day-cares, playgroups, schools, clubs etc.) has the child attended?

This can be done in the form of a questionnaire hand out as well.