Day to Day Routines

Without love, we die. With love, we prosper” (Graf & Seide, 2018).

Routines are the times in the day that are needed to ensure the health and care of your children, they should be consistent and follow all health and safety regulations which will be in effect in most countries. Understanding routines is especially important if you are starting to attend a multilingual kindergarten or have moved to another country and are entering an unfamiliar environment. Routines are important in providing your child with a rhythm to their day and an important aspect is ensuring they are consistent. This is significant for language skills to develop and for personal and social skills, which are essential towards the all-around care of your child. They are also language intensive, which may confuse your child at the beginning, but in the long term play a vital role in language acquisition. It is important to understand the value of routines and their role in helping your child to adapt to a new situation.

• Mealtimes
• Nap and sleep times
• Hygiene tasks like hand washing and nappy changing
• Toileting
• Getting dressed and undressed
What other routines are important in your household?