Noise level


Children will have different noise environments at home than they will at kindergarten. Varying noise levels are part of a routine settling process, but in the case of a child coping with other adaptation processes, the noise may add to other challenges.  

By creating calm and quiet situations, as well as letting the noise level raise during play allows educators to observe the child’s reaction according to the noise level.

For Arno, having been in a war zone, loud sounds may be extremely triggering for him. Educators can discuss with parents whether noise cancelling headphones or showing him where a safe place to relax is when it gets too overwhelmed would be a good idea. They should definitely have a quiet place for children to go and they can introduce this to Arno and show him how he can come to this spot to relax. They can also keep an eye when it gets loud and see how they can help, perhaps playing calm music, or taking a walk or just reading a story could help him calm down. Perhaps they notice that every time the tram runs past the classroom, Arno gets tense, perhaps this is a foreign sound to him, and the educators can then spend some time talking about different sounds and what makes them to and try to help him become used to it.