How can you support a diverse curriculum 

What is "diversity sensitive" pedagogy?

Try to participate and offer cultural activities with your child and the group of children or expand the activity for the whole kindergarten

Explain to your child that while there are cultural influences that all members of a particular group celebrate, for example, Diwali,  each individual family lives its own specific family culture within this community and they choose how they celebrate it. For example; If you are joining your child’s class to do a cooking session for Diwali you may want to share what meaning the dish has for your family. However, you could show pictures, dances, play music or read stories showing the wider aspects of the cultural aspect you are celebrating. Of course, the kindergarten should help and support you with these activities and it can become a shared experience

We suggest to model to your child how you would like for your child to approach diversity, this can be shown in many different situations with your child

It is valuable to appreciate and celebrate all the different cultural influences that your kindergarten has and so will your child in their time at kindergarten