Settling In

The Settling in Process

Questions to ask the kindergarten on your first visit or on the first day of the settling in process

The settling in process is a vital part of your child’s journey in the kindergarten and should be planned to ensure you are prepared as well as possible as a family. This process can be done in several ways depending on the location, the system or the philosophy of the kindergarten. It is important that you discuss the details, arrange a time and schedule a visit to the kindergarten to discuss the settling in process. Although kindergartens will have different systems some will be implemented by the country, such as the Berlin method and some will have more individual systems in place like the Pikler method. Please find more information on these in the further reading section of this handbook.

• Be child centred and take the child’s individual needs into account
• Consider the needs of the family
• Not be rushed
• Value and respect the views of all participants in the settling in process

It is normal for you to experience a variety of emotions when your child starts kindergarten for the first time. You are both facing a new stage in your life and you are likely to feel insecure about placing your child into a stranger’s hands for the first time. The kindergarten educators should work to understand your concerns and treats you and your family as individuals, and to individualize the process as much as possible.
Even if this is not your first experience in a kindergarten, it is a unique situation and may be both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. It is important you recognise your concerns and that you feel safe and secure in your choice of kindergarten as much as your child feels safe, secure and happy. This is true of starting at kindergarten for most parents but if we add to this the concern that your child does not speak the language of the kindergarten and/or is of a different culture then your concerns are likely to be increased.