Settling In

Kindergarten Questions

Questions to ask the kindergarten on your first visit or on the first day of the settling in process


  • What supplies do I need to bring?

  • What is the daily schedule and what is a typical day like?

  • What kind of food will my child be provided with?

Settling in

  • What is the settling in process?

  • How long will I be able to stay with my child during this process? 

  • How do I behave during settling in?

  • Should I play with my child during settling in?

Language acquisition

  • How do you support children from multilingual backgrounds? 

  • How can I support my child’s language development at home?

  • Are the educators experienced in settling in children with different languages spoken at home?


  • What holidays will you celebrate with the children?

  • How do you support children from culturally diverse backgrounds?

Kindergarten specific

  • How do you handle behavioural challenges or discipline?

  • How can I address any concerns or questions I have for the educators?

  • What curriculum does the kindergarten follow?

  • What is the child to educator ratio?