Wheater and appropriate clothing

Day to Day Routines

Depending on your child’s experience of climate, the process of getting ready to go outside may differ with what they are familiar with. Being used to a warm and dry environment could make it uncomfortable for the children when being dressed to go out to play in wet and cold conditions. Being forced to wear many layers before leaving home in the morning can cause stress before even arriving at the kindergarten and make going outside for play during the kindergarten day a difficult experience.  On the other hand, the child may feel overheated and very uncomfortable if they are used to lower temperatures and expected to wear winter gear because this is what the kindergarten feels necessary. Going out in the rain may be difficult for some children, as getting wet may not a pleasant experience for them. Other children will thrive in wet weather and will happily splash in puddles until they are soaked. The joys of outside play are an important part of learning and growing and the main thing is that the kindergarten knows what your child expects so that they are prepared with you to help the children adapt to the new environment.

• Visit the playground together before you start at the kindergarten
• Shop for the new clothes together
• Investigate the different feelings, colours and textures of each piece of clothing before starting the kindergarten.
• Discuss how to play in puddles and other outside areas safely
• Find age-appropriate books about the weather i.e. Froggy Gets Dressed, The Snowy Day