Different Systems

Day to Day Routines

Most kindergartens have a different way of organising routines. It may be developed for their specific kindergarten or the ethos they are operating, for example; Montessori kindergartens will have a different approach to Steiner kindergartens and so on.  One system that concentrates heavily on routines is the Pikler approach.

The Emmi Pikler Approach;

One of the focusses of the Pikler approach is slowing down in today’s society. Instead of rushing though routines, going from activity to activity a calm peaceful environment is created and the `routines´ are slowed down. Educators are described as caregivers who work at the pace of the children with a constant verbal and non-verbal dialogue between caregiver and child. Children direct the routine and time for sharing the experience together. The routines are the focus rather than a necessary step to get through to begin the next activity. Although the Pikler approach was originally developed for children living in the Lóczy orphanage in Budapest in the mid twentieth century, this philosophy resonates in the twenty-first century as many daily routines and caring moments become rushed in a fast-paced world.