Prosilience is an individual's ability to successfully adapt to life's tasks in the face of social disadvantage or other highly adverse conditions or bounce back from a negative or possibly traumatic experience with competent functioning (Hoopes, 2017). The concept of prosilience is not a trait, but rather a process activated to manage life circumstances. Resiliency can be inherited, given or acquired through learning processes (Böhm & Hehlmann, 2000, S. 168). 

  • What might be Rana’s risk factors and his resources when it comes to prosilience? 

  • How might Rana feel? 

  • What might be a hypothesis for Rana`s behaviour? 

  • What would be the next steps for the educators?

  • How is the communication with the parents?

  • Have all health factors been checked? Hearing, vision, etc.?

  • Is the father in the picture?

  • Could there be physical violence at home? How can this topic be addressed?