Napping in Kindergarten

Culture of Sleep

At the kindergarten, other sleep rituals can be tried out than at home. A child who only falls asleep with daddy's hand at home does not necessarily need the hand of the specialist in kindergarten. Taking on a ritual from home, but may be helpful in the early days. Also, the protection of the group must be mentioned at this point, the evolutionarily brings a great sense of security with it.

As long as children feel comfortable in both places, at home and in the children's group, completely different rituals can prevail in both places. The child can very well distinguish between these two worlds and is adaptable. It will get used to new rituals and circumstances in the day care center and can maintain the habits at home. Everyone has probably heard it before or even said: What, my child sleeps in the kindergarten without cuddly toy? That would not be possible at home! "

Parents and educators should always ask themselves: what is behind the choice of sleep - the wishes of the child or the wishes of adults?

Of course, sleep in the kindergarten can initially influence sleep at home. Often, parents report that the child is more affectionate, especially in the evening or at night, and wakes up more often. It can be imagined that the child has to recharge their supplies after being separated from their parents for several hours during the day.

The start of a new process in a live of a child might engage the childs thouhts day and night. It is an advantage, if parents take it easy during this period. Sometimes they need a little affirmation and reminder from the professional.