The tone pace and intention of language and how it affects the child


Certain characteristics of speech, like slower pace, soft volume, soft tone, etc. will provide the child with enough information about the current situation and the state the adult is in, even if the child does not speak a first language yet or finds herself in a setting where she does not understand the language offered. This way of speaking will help making the child relaxed and comfortable. A relaxed and comfortable child is able to actively explore her surrounding and be open for new experiences. Even if the child does not fully understand the actual spoken words, they will notice the responsive attitude of the adults around them and that they show interest in the child. A mutual object of interest to talk about is a good way to encourage the child to join in the conversation. The calm and interested tone of voice and the continuity of communication accompanies the child in her world of experiences and gives the child a feeling of safety, joyful interaction, appreciation and builds a relationship between the adult and the child.